All there is to Know About the Petition to End Daylight Savings Time

18 Dec

If you know about daylight savings time, you might know that it is practiced in a lot of places in the world. During a certain time of the year, clocks are set back and said to save a lot when it comes to electricity. However, you might also know that there are so many people who want to end daylight savings time. You might want to know more about this, as it is talked about in many circles and by many people today. So, what is daylight savings time and how did it start? Why do so many people want to end it? Here, then, are some of the basics, and more.

1.            Daylight savings time at started during the war. During the 1st world war. It started as a means to save electricity by cutting its use down. After the war, this continued to be used by a lot of countries. Many say that it is helpful in saving electricity, but there are a lot who are opposed to it and say that it should be ended. Because of this, there is a petition to end daylight savings time.

2.            Many people feel that it is not useful, and that it can even be detrimental and dangerous. Of course, daylight savings time might have been very useful during the years of the war. But today, there are many who say that it is no longer of good use. What is more, they say that there has been an increase of traffic accidents due to driving in the dark, and these accidents have included school buses with children, and so on. Daylight savings time also takes extra work, which many say is not really that useful. This is the reason why there is this petition to end it.

3.            Daylight savings time is not useful to many people. Of course, many people operate using their clocks. But there are also some who do not, some people who operate with the rising of the sun instead. For instance, there are farmers. Farmers wait for the sun to rise before they go into the field, instead of waiting for their clocks to strike a certain hour. For these people, daylight savings time is not necessary, and could even be detrimental.

These, then, are some things that you should know about daylight savings time, its history, and the petition to stop it. For further details regarding daylight saving, visit

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