Reasons Daylight Saving Time Should End

18 Dec

Numerous farmers are inconvenienced to daylight saving time and often have to adjust their schedule to sell their produce to people who pay attention to daylight saving time. People are now joining hands to ensure daylight saving time is ended to avoid changing time twice a year. Daylight saving time began during world war one in the United States to save fuel and reduce the need to use artificial lighting. Some states and communities followed the daylight saving time during the world war and were only observed again during world war two.

End daylight savings time usually began on the first Sunday of April at 2 AM and ended on the last Sunday of October. Rules have been created over time, and the dates have changed from March to November. Some people enjoy the daylight and have a good time, but companies lose money. This because they will have to reset their automated equipment every time the clock changes. The country is also out of sync with other continents like Africa and Asian countries.

Daylight saving time at was better during the old days since people did not need light to save energy. In this era, people have television, computers and air conditioning which use a lot of energy, so most of it goes to waste all day long. Studies have proven that these machines take up more energy especially during daylight saving time. Changing the clock continually can disrupt the body's circadian rhythm and body clock which results in tiredness and great inconvenience.

The time change can have severe consequences for people who get less sleep which can result in car accidents, suicide, miscarriages and workplace injuries. Studies have shown that early evening darkness is usually linked to depression especially at the end of daylight saving time. Daylight saving time affects our health especially during the beginning since people are prone to get heart attacks. Legislatures in the country are now working together to remove the daylight saving time says its benefits have run out. To get some facts about daylight saving, visit

People can also go back to normal routines without having to shift their schedules every year which is inconvenient and can be a tiresome affair. Settling for regular time will allow students to focus more on school without changing their programs which makes it hard to cover every topic in class. People will also be less productive during this period since they work long hours and get less sleep.

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